October 26, 2023

Traditional Shipping Company? Or Monarc Global?

For businesses researching the realm of large air freight shipments, the landscape can be both overwhelming and costly. Whether you are dealing with limited aircraft options or grappling with uncompetitive pricing from big-name freight companies, the challenges are numerous. The good news? You have two main choices: Traditional Freight Companies and Brokers. This article aims to offer a balanced view of both, highlighting why a broker, specifically Monarc Global, might be your ideal partner.


Unpacking the World of Traditional Freight Companies


  • Established Network
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Efficient handling of bulky international shipments


  • Finite Aircraft Options – your cargo will need to ‘fit in with’ the aircraft models the shipper has in their fleet. Sometimes that will work, and sometimes you’re fitting your unique shipment into their framework.
  • Market Dominator Pricing – as a new customer you may have less chance of securing the rates that make your shipment competitive
  • Less Flexibility – pricing, timing, schedules, aircraft.  Being a big industry name counts for a lot, but can sometimes miss the mark on your bespoke shipment.

Traditional freight companies often have an established network and are known for the efficient handling of bulky international shipments. However, their reach is usually limited to specific types of aircraft, making it challenging to meet specialized needs. Additionally, the size of multinational companies may limit your ability to negotiate more favorable rates.


The Power of Choice with Brokers

Brokers like Monarc Global offer a range of unique selling propositions that set them apart:

  • Worldwide Aircraft Selection – Access to a plethora of aircraft options to meet your specific needs.
  • Book the whole plane – Tailored solutions for cargo ensuring your aircraft meets the unique demands of your cargo, and you’re not facing delays on your cargo being broken down from other consignors on the same flight.
  • Partnerships – Strong relationships with private aircraft operators to offer unparalleled options.

Brokers bring versatility and understand the importance of presenting a solution tailored to your cargo, often with multiple pricing options to consider.  This is in stark contrast to fitting your shipment into the sometimes rigid guidelines, space, and schedule of the traditional companies. These capabilities can help navigate many uncertainties faced by first-time or infrequent shippers.


Why Monarc Global Stands Out

Although none of us would wish for a pandemic in order to prove our mettle – it did just that for Monarc Global.

You could deliberate that ‘people aren’t freight’, or alternatively their loved ones would assert that they are ‘the most important freight of all’.  Regardless, when travelers were stranded in India, with government and commercial services either not viable or canceled, we worked tirelessly to find a solution to bring those people home.

With uncertainty about an end in sight to the pandemic, Australia was in desperate need of Rapid Antigen Tests for Australians to prove they could be out and about.  For a country of 25 million people, one importer got in touch with us to help them import 25 million RAT’s to Australia during a period when getting across borders was challenging.

Let us Help

If you’re looking to navigate the complexities of large air freight shipments, then explore your options with Monarc Global. Email your requirements to freight@monarcglobal.com and unlock the options that our specialized expertise can offer.