What we do

Monarc Global are leaders in providing solutions for aircraft operators.

At Monarc Global, we are committed to revolutionising private charter travel. As a versatile charter-focused company, we specialise in passenger, group and freight charter services. Our dedication extends beyond providing private charter options; we actively empower travel agents, charter brokers, and aircraft operators through our in-house technology, Travech.

With Travech, we facilitate effortless access to immediate private charter fligth solutions, complete with accurate pricing and quotes.

Who we are

We are a team made up of critical, technical and creative thinkers. Amongst us are aviation enthusiasts, engineers, designers, pilots with over 25 years of experience, strategists and research and development people.

our mission

Monarc Global is on a mission to support aircraft operators, online travel agents and aircraft owners to evolve and scale steadfastly within their industry.

We are achieving this by building connections and partnerships with like-minded organizations and bringing our sophisticated, business and technology induced products and services to operators all around 
the world.