January 27, 2022

Brisbane Aviation Company to fly in over 25 million Rapid Antigen Tests to Australia

Brisbane aviation technology company Monarc Global is no stranger to playing a crucial role in helping those in need, including businesses during the pandemic.

Media Release

In 2020 Monarc Global facilitated repatriation flights for stranded Australians overseas during Covid-19 and in 2021 helped the health industry transport tonnes of personal protective equipment. This month Monarc Global will be facilitating the cargo of over 25 million rapid antigen tests during the Omicron spread.

The company has been inundated with cargo and passenger charter requests since borders reopened. Passengers have been seeking alternative travel arrangements from flying commercial flights to avoid being around large crowds and long queues during the pandemic. And small businesses require getting their supplies delivered on time.

“Ever since the pandemic, we’ve been helping businesses find solutions to get their supplies in fast. Especially when the commercial aviation industry came to a halt, we’ve come to the rescue via reaching out to our network of private charter operators to help move cargo and passengers urgently”, said Monarc Global Co-Founder and CEO Royce Crown.

“We have been contracted in the next few weeks to urgently move 25 million RAT tests to Australia via private cargo charter to help aid the current undersupply of RAT tests. Our team has been working tirelessly around the clock to ensure the safe facilitation for these tests”,  said Crown.

About Monarc Global


Monarc Global are leaders in providing solutions for aircraft owners. Since 2017 Monarc Global has helped aircraft owners, charter operators and airlines automate their pricing and booking systems with their dynamic in-house built pricing software Travech.


Monarc Global is on a mission to support aircraft operators and aircraft owners to evolve and scale steadfastly within their industry. We are achieving this by building connections and partnerships with like-minded organizations and bringing our sophisticated, business and technology induced products and services to operators all around the world.

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