September 26, 2023

AFL Grand Final Charter : The Ultimate Fan Experience

Picture this: It’s the morning of the AFL Grand Final, and instead of hustling through a packed airport, you’re in a PRIVATE departure lounge, sipping on a premium cappuccino, exchanging predictions with fellow Brisbane Lions fans. The atmosphere is buzzing with excitement, not just for the game but for the extraordinary journey that awaits as you step onto the tarmac and board  for the AFL Grand Final Charter.

Welcome to Monarc Global’s limited offer for a charter flight service exclusively designed for the most devoted Brisbane Lions fans. This is not your average flight; it’s an all-inclusive, community-driven travel experience that’s going to make this year’s AFL Grand Final an unforgettable adventure.

All Aboard: The Journey of a Lifetime Awaits

All arriving on separate flights is the usual way – how many times have we done that?!  What about this time we all travel together? No more coordinating with friends and family on different flight schedules. No more airport delays, and waiting at baggage claim hoping your luggage made it! Forget about those inconveniences because Monarc Global has got you covered by way of a AFL Grand Final Charter!

Many people think that flying private is limited to either small and nimble private jets, or the exorbitant (and exorbitantly expensive) ones that A-listers use. But guess what? Thankfully, there is now an option in Australia to get you, the family, the friends, the supporters, the friends and family of the supporters (and so on… and so on) all there on the one flight. The Embraer 145 seats 50 people, and in its bright red livery, is sure to make this grand final the trip of a lifetime.  Whaddya reckon – all 50 of us split it?!

Why Choose Monarc Global?

This is a limited offer for 50 die-hard Brisbane Lions fans. You won’t be sharing this flight with anyone but your fellow supporters, families, and corporate sponsors.

Imagine the camaraderie when you’re traveling with 49 other people who share the same level of enthusiasm for the Brisbane Lions. This is a shared experience that will connect you with new friends and memories to last a lifetime.

No layovers, no lost luggage, no delays. Just a straight shot from Brisbane to Melbourne, so you can focus on what matters most: enjoying the game.


How To Make this Flight Yours

Ready to transform this year’s AFL Grand Final into the ultimate fan experience? Get in touch with us at today to get you, the family, the friends… (and so on) on board!


Act Fast: One Chance

This is a golden opportunity that’s as rare as a Grand Final hat-trick. The whole jet is chartered, so once it’s booked – it’s gone!  Don’t miss out on the chance to be part of this extraordinary journey.

So, pack your scarves, your jerseys, and your unyielding team spirit, and prepare for an AFL Grand Final like no other. This is not just a transportation option; it’s a lifestyle choice for those who desire the best in luxury and community. And it all begins the moment you step onto Monarc Global’s Embraer 145.

What are you waiting for? Make this Grand Final a trip of a lifetime with Monarc Global. Book now!

For more information contact us at Because when it comes to the AFL Grand Final, only the best will do. See you on board!