August 19, 2019

Captain Mike Jarvis – Chief Pilot & Director at Pterodactyl Helicopters

What does a typical workday look like for you?

No two days are the same. The buck stops with me. Until recently I did all the front end management, calls, sales, tour development, relationship building with both customers and our tour partners.

What led you to a career in aviation? 

That’s a hard question, I just had a passion for it from a very early age around 7 or 8. It was just something I had to do. It took me a while but here we are.

Tell us about your current fleet of aircraft & helicopters?

On fleet, we have four R44, a great little chopper well suited to 90% of the work we do. We also have access to an AS350, a Bell 206 Longranger, and EC120 and EC130 when we need to do bigger stuff.

What do you think are some of the biggest challenges facing aviation today, and what are potential solutions?

The biggest issue for us is the weather. What can we do about it? Not much but complain.

What’s the best and worst career advice you have been given?

Best: Go for your dream. No one achieved anything by doing nothing.
Worst: I turned off before I even took notice. Hang on I remember. It was “Why the f**k would you want to do that?”. Well, here I am doing it and really standing out to both our peers and our customers.

What has been your most memorable flight to date?

 As a Pilot: A pub crawl with three girls from Tamborine. Two were dressed as nuns and one as the pope and they stayed in character all day, they were a real hoot.

As a Passenger: Lord Of The Rings flight in New Zealand (I had to sit in the back seat).

When is your busiest time of the year and why?

It used to be March to August due to great winter weather. Over the last few years, there is no slow time.

What are your three must-have travel essentials?

My wife, a toothbrush, and my passport.

What’s your favourite city to fly into?

Sydney, just can’t beat the harbour.

Who is your typical demographic?

18-65 year olds, both male and female, with a pulse. But having said that, we have carried and deposited peoples ashes so a pulse is not mandatory

Go for your dream. No one achieved anything by doing nothing.