September 5, 2023

Private Charter Flights: Mix & Match Revolutionizes Travel Booking with Monarc Global

Flight search and booking platform, Mix & Match, has taken a giant leap forward in the travel industry by incorporating Monarc Global’s cutting-edge private charter booking widget, Travech, on their website. This integration marks a significant milestone as Mix & Match now offers its customers the ability to not only search and book commercial airline flights but also explore flight costs for private charter flights.

Founder and CEO of Monarc Global, Royce Crown, stated, “I have always envisioned Travech to be utilised by not only aircraft operators but also integrated into online travel platforms. With Mix & Match now offering private charter to their clients, we are one step closer to achieving the goal of providing all travellers with access to a comprehensive range of flight options, not just commercial.”

This collaboration between Mix & Match and Monarc Global highlights the travel industry’s commitment to embracing innovative technologies like Travech. By incorporating this advanced private charter booking widget, Mix & Match ensures that their clients have access to a broader range of travel options than ever before.

Mix & Match clients can now effortlessly search and book private charter flights directly through the user-friendly private charter booking widget, conveniently located on the Mix & Match website. With just a few clicks, customers can explore an extensive selection of private charter flights and make bookings instantly.

Mix & Match Country Manager, Kerry Tate stated; “We’re thrilled to bring a new era of travel possibilities to our Australian customers. Our partnership with Travech, and integration of live private charter flights, including innovative options like empty legs, further embodies our commitment to empowering the freedom of travel.” 


“Private charter flights are no longer limited to luxury or exclusive travel experiences. With the introduction of standby flights, also known as empty legs, private charter has become a more affordable option. Whether travelling with a small group or for corporate purposes, private charter flights often provide a comparable alternative to commercial flights”, as stated by Royce Crown.

Mix & Match’s integration of Travech reinforces the company’s dedication to enhancing the travel experience for its customers by offering a diverse array of flight choices. With this new feature, Mix & Match continues to position itself as a leader in the travel industry, providing its clients with convenience, flexibility, and value.

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This is a press release dated 29th August 2023