September 13, 2023

Pet Travel Charter Service : Stress – Free Journeys For Your Pets

We’ve got some exciting news to share that’s bound to put a wag in your tail!  Brisbane aviation technology company Monarc Global, the name synonymous with leading pricing software in the private charter industry, is making waves again, and this time, it’s not about repatriation pandemic flights, or standby private charter, instead,  it’s all about our furry friends called family!

You already know Monarc Global for its exceptional charter services – from passenger accommodations to group charters and even freight transport. But what’s catching everyone’s attention these days is our pet charter service. Yes, you heard that right – pets are now taking to the skies with the same level of luxury and comfort as their human companions!

Surprisingly, we’ve received an increasing number of requests for pet charters. Many of our clients want to bring their beloved furry family members along for the flight. Whether they’re planning a family getaway or simply relocating their pets from one destination to another, Monarc Global is here to make it happen. And let’s not forget those heartwarming rescue animal flights, where we’ve played a crucial role in reuniting pets with their forever families.

Why choose private charter pet travel over the commercial alternative? Well, it’s all about the experience. Commercial pet travel can be a daunting prospect, with pets often hidden away and their well-being a mystery during the journey. With Monarc Global’s private charter pet travel, the experience is nothing short of exceptional. Picture it: your furry friend flying in style, just like a passenger on a private jet.

Wasim Omar, Monarc Global’s Head of Charter, shares his insights: “We’ve had many inquiries from pet communities who have requested private charter pet travel options for their pets. To make this a reality, we’ve worked  with trusted operators who share our commitment to pet comfort and safety. We’ve also collaborated with online travel agents to ensure that pet travel is accessible and stress-free for their customers.”

Many of our clients have access to either the seat share pet option; where they can share the private jet with other pet owners and their pets ( approximately $1500 per seat for the pet ) or a non seat share option which can start at a cost from $400,000.00+ ( AUD ).

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