November 11, 2021

Monarc Global | Nov 2021 | Newsletter

2021 For Monarc Global In A Snapshot

It’s already heading towards the end of November, and we’re nearing the end of 2021. Looking back on what we’ve accomplished at Monarc, it suffices to say that we pushed through another year of being in the midst of covid -19.

This year was all about connections and growing them. We were lucky enough to restart the Monarc Global Roadshow 2021 when borders briefly remained open. So my sales team and I hit the road, made new friends with operators in Sydney, the Northern Territory, Sunshine Coast and our last roadshow stopover in Perth.

The roadshow to us is so much more than just another day of doing business. Our annual roadshow connects us with operators from all over Australia; it’s our way of checking in and seeing how everyone is doing and how we can help each other.

The year has also seen us enter into some new and exciting collaborations and partnerships with like-minded av-tech companies. We were particularly honoured to join forces with global company Portside. The partnership fostered new beginnings for Portside and Monarc, adding growth to a better customer experience in continuing to provide solutions for aircraft operators.

We were especially pleased and proud to launch our Partnership and Alliance program this year, a program giving operators the ability to connect their real-time available and priced aircraft directly to partners of their choice all over the world. Monarc Global was launched with the intention of and has always been the leader in providing solutions for aircraft operators. One of those solutions is to provide operators with the right tools to expand their reach.

In addition we played a major part in implementing our pricing technology Travech in a Australia’s first real-time and instant aggregation booking service for air charter; Fly Adhoc.

We have slowed down is far from the least; we are just beginning to ramp things up with more partnership announcements in 2022.

We’ve welcomed new faces to the Monarc operations and finance team. In addition, a few of the tech team became proud parents to some very cute fur babies!

As we leap towards 2022, I am writing this whilst I’m on our final road trip for the year and jotting down on a paper napkin (isn’t that where all great ideas come from? ) Monarc’s 2022 goals. So you’ll have to stay tuned for that……

Until next time…..

Royce Crown.