March 11, 2021

Monarc Global | March 2021 | Newsletter

Our Story

Travech is the brainchild of Royce Crown ( CEO and Director of Monarc Global ), a pilot for more than 20 years and over 18 years of business experience across multiple industries.
Royce realised after speaking with many of his operator networks that there was a big problem in the current quoting processes used by operators worldwide, so he set about to develop Travech.
The problem was that many operators are still using the age-old method of manual quoting. Too many operators are manually calculating their fleet, airways, and extras either by using spreadsheets or multiple IT platforms which still only get them partially there. On a mission to solve this problem and to help operators achieve better business practices, Royce set about building what is now known as Travech, The Leading Automated, Accurate, Real-Time Pricing Software for Charter Operators.
Starting as a team of two and now a group of twelve, Royce and Cameron-CTO and Co-Founder brought together the best IT minds to bring Travech to life!
Fast forward to 2021, Travech has been used by operators all over the world for private charter, passenger and cargo (business).
Today, Travech is helping operators to do business smarter, better and faster. Royce and the team recognise that not only have they built great tech, but all the other elements, such as customer experience, are crucial when it comes to operating your business.
By educating operators about streamlining their day to day processes and procedures when it comes to quoting or pricing for their clients, Royce and his Monarc Global representatives are highlighting that the need to stay relevant in business comes down to how operators deliver the experience to their customers.
Adam Rowe, Monarc Global’s Head of Operations and Sales, says,                                 “We are living in a very instant and fast day of age. Everyone wants instant and quick results. Whether that’s shopping, eating out and yes, even when it comes to searching and booking for a private charter. 

If you compare the time it takes for one business to complete a quote manually on the phone and the customer is expected to wait for a few hours until you get back to them with a quote, you have potentially lost that customer.  

If however, your business had a website that’s easy to navigate, and your customer could easily search and have a quote immediately in their inbox. You’ve potentially lifted approx 90% positivity in your customers experience on your site”.

In essence, the core of Monarc Global’s Travech technology is presented not only as a great solution in aviation technology for aircraft operators, but it also serves as a great business tool in improving their customer’s journey which ultimately results in repeat business and / or positive word of mouth about the business”.
With its real-time pricing feature and its’ instant price for customers, Travech has made a difference in how operators are doing business.


Meet Adam Rowe

My name is Adam Rowe and I’m thrilled to be joining the team as Head of Operations and Sales at Monarc Global.

I get really enthused about anything that connects an offering like yours to and end customer. Not to mention taking ‘busywork’ out of your day so you can focus on the core reason you come to work each day. I’m sure that’s just not getting quotes prepared for people that might not even accept.

My last 12 years were in recruitment talking to over 2000 Australian businesses about what they want in their biggest asset – their people. The most common thing I heard is they wanted all their new hires to be focussed on their customer. Making that customer’s experience as smooth ( and ideally speedy )  as possible.

The world moves at an alarming pace, I’ve been reading Brendan Kane’s, who writes on the topic that we need to capture someones attention in 3 seconds in 2020 and beyond. He specialises in social media but I think his message applies to all of us in commercial business. It might not be 3 seconds but with society allowing this instant gratification, our industry can’t afford to be part of the delays. Think about your own preferences  – do any of us even want to phone the receptionist to book a doctor’s appointment nowadays? Or wait in line at the checkout? No. we want to do it ourselves and not be at the mercy of someone else’s service.

That made me really excited when I looked at Travech. That your customers can now enjoy the benefits of online pricing  – and you get the business!

I’ll look forward to providing you with as much value as I can. You’ll be sure to see me in your help videos, and I hope we’ll speak soon.


P.S. I am a dad, so dad jokes are allowed…… fun fact is that 10 years of my career was as a National Sales Manager in the skateboard industry. And I thought by nature that industry was high flying! ( dad joke.. sorry ).


Our Product Travech

Travech is sophisticated in its functionality and results.

As an operator, you are all too familiar with manual quotes and losing business to your competitors simply because you’ve taken too long to price that quote! With Travech, we have streamlined your pricing process and procedures by considering the factors that can hinder how you deliver your business.

Travech is:

  • Fully automated pricing generation 300+ price points
  • Support for backend operator or partner integrations via multi-end point API
  • Intuitive and easy to use onboarding
  • Incorporation of flight operational controls and restrictions
  • Sophisticated and predictive technology for future flights
  • Scalable level price generation supported by in house development, without dependence on third-party technology
  • Bespoke pricing models allowing customised pricing strategies
  • Quick, concise and holistic booking process
  • Website integration with widget interface enabling direct access to customers

Increase your customer retention and attention by providing them with a faster and smarter result.