August 11, 2020

Monarc Global | Aug 2020 | Newsletter

“It’s Not Every Man for Himself”

It’s more than halfway through the year, and yet everything still seems like a blur. If you had told me we would welcome 2020 with a worldwide pandemic, I would have passed it off as a prediction that falls loosely from one’s mouth or I would have jumped immediately into action to weather the storm. I did neither. Instead, like the ‘business owner who never sleeps’ that I am, I leapt straight into whatever deep water I could swim in and reached the other side to welcome the arrival of 1. a new company and 2. Our current company is stronger than ever.

Since COVID-19 my team and I have done everything from setting up a makeshift airline customer service and ticketing system to facilitating the repatriation flight of thousands of our fellow Aussies stranded overseas.

We also ventured into the business of logistics, moving hundreds of thousands of tonnes of cargo for companies all over the world.

None of this would have been possible without working together with our network of private charter operators, their team, my team and everyone who jumped into the deep end with me. In my opinion, accolades should never be experienced or received without others standing beside you.

If anything, what I’ve learnt from this experience, is that the aviation industry more than ever now, needs to band together and help each other to make things better. Sure we’re still operating our businesses, and we’re looking after our own first and foremost, however gone should be the banter of “every man for himself”. If we work together and reach out to one another whether it’s an ‘I need help’ or ‘can you connect me with?’ or ‘I can help you’. I can assure you that the ripple effect will catch on and be far more rewarding.

Royce Crown