December 13, 2022

Monarc Global Appoints New President ; Tristan Punnett in the U.S.A

Monarc Global’s expansion into the U.S in 2023 will welcome a new President, Tristan Punnett. Tristan will take the helm of Travech Technologies Inc., a subsidiary of Monarc Global, with a mission to offer technology solutions that will significantly improve the way charter flights are accessed and transacted. 

As a leader in providing solutions for aircraft operators, aircraft owners and travel professionals, Monarc Global starts its expansion with Travech Technologies into North America by developing the relationships that are so critical to the effective function of the industry as a whole. 

“We’re finally ( post covid ) back on track with ramping up our international presence, with the first being the appointment of a new President to head up Travech Technologies Inc. We’re looking forward to welcoming Tristan to our team and for him to bring on board his vast experience within the industry. We wanted someone who knew the aviation industry, particularly the charter industry, well and someone with an impressive reputation with enthusiasm and is results-driven, all of which Tristan has,” says Royce Crown, CEO and Founder of Monarc Global.

In addition to bringing 8 years of experience within aviation, Tristan brings a wealth of diverse perspectives developed from within charter and matured as a charter technology vendor. From technical operations as a licensed dispatcher and acting as an assistant director of operations, to commercial experience in brokering, charter and as an aviation technology provider. Some of his accomplishments are featured in NBAA’s Top 40 Under 40 (2019), and Pineapple Empire’s TOP 100 Men in Aviation to Follow (2022). Tristan has created a reputation as a trusted advisor within the industry and has approached his endeavors with a people first mentality.

“I am beyond excited to begin my mission here at Travech Technologies. I began my career in the charter trenches with the sleepless nights and the near traumatic reactions to phone alerts, and my decision to join Travech Technologies was largely based on what I saw as my opportunity to help improve both the business of charter and the quality of life for those that hold the industry on their shoulders” says Punnett

“Our industry has recently faced rapid and unprecedented changes, and we stand poised for more of those changes in the coming years. I have two great advantages in my pocket as I begin our expansion in the US. The first is simplicity; many technology providers have tried to build all of the solutions to all of the problems. Travech has isolated a problem area and built a focused solution to address it. The second is a philosophy of putting people first and letting the sale be a bi-product of the relationship. Our approach will be based on education and consultation, not persuasion. Our industry deserves more than pressure tactics” says Punnett.

With the travel industry resuming after the effects of covid, it is now more than ever that the charter industry and travel agencies in the U.S.A have access to a product like Travech, which supports their business operations seamlessly from precise, automated and instant charter pricing to be able to build networks, connections and business opportunities with other Travech users.

2023 will also see further expansion for Monarc Global with an office to open in the U.K.


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