July 12, 2019

A Queensland startup that’s like Wotif for private aircraft charters is planning to launch in the US

An automated booking platform for private aircraft hire, founded by a Queensland helicopter pilot, is hoping the transform the way people use charter flights and take on the massive US market.

Brisbane startup Monarc Global, founded by Royce Crown in 2017, has just closed a $500,000 seed round led by Brisbane Angels and Angel Loop, as well River City Labs Accelerator and Muru-d.

The software lets private aircraft operators automate quotes so brokers, agents and users can find, book and pay for a plane charter travel in real-time.

Crown,  Monarc Global’s CEO and a veteran helicopter pilot, said his technology gives private aviation industry a system akin to the Global Distribution Systems (GDS) used by commercial airlines to schedule flights.

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“If a work team are all heading interstate or overseas for a work conference it can make more financial and logistical sense to book a private aircraft,” he said. “The public tend to think the cost is unattainable, especially in Australia but with popularity soaring in the US and in Europe we’re set to see private travel trends start to change in Australia, with it becoming more of a financial decision rather than a luxury decision.”