Online booking software for aircraft charter

Online booking software for aircraft charter

Automated Quoting Solution

Back in 2017 Royce Crown, a pilot of 20 years, was motivated by both frustration and anger when he decided to change the way people book private flights.

“I saw a desperate need for what we are doing now where we can produce and fly available aircrafts and provide available pricing,” Royce says.

This marked the beginning of Brisbane startup Monarc Global.

Around the world Monarc Global aims to solve two problems for private aircraft charter:

  1. To ease the biggest pain point for most aircraft operators with the manual quoting process.
  2. To give customers who charter aircrafts instant availability and live pricing for aircrafts in a way that allows them to compare with traditional airline prices as per seat ratio, or do a comparison of operators to source better deals for jets they would normally charter.

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