Frequently Asked Questions

Travech is the first real-time, automated, accurate quoting system designed for the aviation industry.

Our focus at Monarc Global has been on providing a software solution that satisfies your (the Operator) needs and eliminates pain points.  Through the integration of the Travech solution into your operations Monarc Global can help you automate the quoting process with 24-hour availability and guaranteed conversion rates.  No more delays in responding to customer requests or lost time due to non-serious enquiries, you’re only involved when an actual booking is requested.

Travech takes away all the hassles currently associated with quoting and leaves you to focus on the more important things – like providing the best experience for your customers.

Travech is just the first step.  Our vision is to provide a completely automated solution that covers all pre-flight processes.  From managing itinerary information through to payment processing all the way to pre-departure correspondence.  Travech will handle everything.

This is a journey to deliver on a vision that these aspects of your business do not need to be a burden, but rather an opportunity to extend and enhance your customer’s experience.  We want you to join us on this journey.

The first release of Travech will send a detailed summary of the quote to the operator’s email address only.  Operator’s will then be required to use their existing processes for sending quotes to the customer.

Later releases [release date TBC] will allow the Travech Widget to be embedded on an Operator’s website.  This will allow your customers to generate their own quotes and accept the one that suits their needs.  This will prevent the need for back and forth correspondence between yourself and your customer.  You will only receive notification when a quote has been accepted.

One of the biggest missed opportunities for charter operators during the pre-flight process is the ability to educate customers on the available add-ons. The challenge has been engaging the customer at the right time and with all the available options. Often this exercise is conducted laboriously via communication channels such as email or phone, that are inadequate for this task. This is compounded by the fact that there are often many options or too much information to be able to focus the customer’s attention.

By having the extras available within Travech you have the opportunity to engage the customer at the most critical stage, the booking. They have time to review and understand what is available, in a concise and user-friendly manner. More importantly all of your add-ons can be made available. This prevents the need to cherry pick what options you think a customer may want when you liaise with them directly.

Given the obvious financial benefits to extras being added to a booking it makes sense to use Travech to optimise conversions by effectively engaging with the customer and enhancing their overall experience.


The Travech Widget [release date TBC] is an embedded object that can be placed anywhere on your website. This Widget can be ‘skinned’ (white labelled) to ensure that it fits with your company’s look and feel. Via the Travech Dashboard you can specify your company’s colour schemes, allowing the Widget to appear as a seamless integration of your website.

As well, all emails sent to your customers will use these same company colours. This will ensure that all correspondence looks and feels like it has come from your company, not an external system.

Calculating a quote price for a charter flight is a complex operation. It was only through years of research, the utilization of industry experts and the application of ground-breaking technology that Monarc Global was able to create the most accurate pre-flight quoting system available today.

There are many different factors to consider when calculating a quote, but broadly these can be divided into known and unknown. Known factors include such things as airport availability, airport fees, FBO expenses, etc. The unknown factors are things such as weather and future fuel prices. Whilst price calculations can be complex, often involving large amounts of data, known factors can be used in combination with operating procedures to generate actual expenses. However, unknown requires a different approach. Through the implementation of sophisticated predictive AI algorithms these unknown factors can be calculated.

By combining all of these complex calculations together an accurate quote can be generated.

The simple answer is, Monarc Global ( our company ) is all about transparency.

This policy is applied throughout all our solutions but nowhere more apparent than in the quote summary page. This page is made available once all the necessary information for generating a quote has been provided. Contained within this page will be all the individual components and calculations that went into the generation of the quote. There is no hidden information or mysterious numbers, everything is exposed for your scrutiny. By doing this you can identify individual aspects that may require adjustment or tweaking, which can all be done via your settings.

It is our vision that through this corporate policy of transparency that you, our customer, will become as confident of our system’s accuracy and reliability as we are.

The first release of Travech is for internal quote generation only. No bookings or scheduling will be done automatically by the system.

Later releases [release date TBC] will allow real-time booking and payment processing. At this later stage aircraft availability will be known, as all bookings will be made within the Travech solution.

Any situations ( for example maintenance or bookings made outside of Travech ) where the aircraft will be unavailable can be recorded in Travech by updating the aircraft’s schedule. This will involve the dates and times being manually inputted via the operator’s dashboard.

Monarc Global will be investigating backend integrations with other aviation software to automate this process in later releases [release date TBC].

The first release of Travech is for internal quote generation only. No bookings or scheduling will be done automatically by the system.

In later releases [release date TBC] the ability for customers to book automatically will be available via the Travech© Widget. However, you will always have the ability to turn this option off. If turned off, a quote request will be sent through to the Operator for approval. The Operator can then choose to process the booking manually or via the Travech© solution.

The first release of Travech is for internal quote generation only. No bookings or scheduling will be done automatically by the system.

In later releases [release date TBC] you will be able to assign price adjustments to individual customer accounts. When a customer logs into Travech, the system will identify these adjustments and apply them automatically. This will enable you to maintain your existing relationships, but also add value to the customer’s experience by streamlining their booking process.

The Travech solution is designed as a quoting ( and booking [release date TBC] ) solution to eliminate pre-flight operational pain points. Whilst the software calculates actual flight paths and navigational operations these reports should not be used for actual flight planning. However, Travech© will provide you with all the information you need to plan your flight such as passenger, baggage, extras, etc details. There will be no unexpected surprises. All the information you need for flight planning will be available, without the need to correspond back and forth with your customers.

The first release of Travech is for internal quote generation only. As no bookings or scheduling will be done by the software there will be no data to export.

However, in later releases of Travech [release date TBC] bookings will be managed by the solution. Export facilities will be available to enable information to be extracted in various industry standard file formats that can then be imported into these other software systems. Monarc Global will also be investigating whether direction connections with other aviation software can be built to enable seamless transitioning between pre-flight operations handled by Travech and flight planning operations handled by other aviation software.

The first release of Travech is for internal quote generation only. However, in later releases of Travech [release date TBC] payments will be managed by the solution.

Various payment options will be made available to the customer, with full payment being received upfront before any bookings are confirmed and aircraft scheduled. By securing full payment you are free to focus on flight preparations, confident in the knowledge that all expenses for the flight are covered. Cancellations and modifications can be automated with your business rules being applied where necessary.

Funds will be held in an escrow account that can be viewed by you at any time. These funds will be distributed at various points between the receipt of payment and flight departure.

By allowing Travech to manage all aspects of the payment cycle you do not have to worry about following up on payments or managing extra payments or refunds due to booking changes or cancellations.

All payments will be scheduled and transferred immediately.

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